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Wushu is a generic term for all Chinese martial arts. Wu is military, Shu is art. Wushu is the art of combat. Wushu has been refined and systemized over the centuries. As a result, it is still valued as a way to achieve health, self defense skills, mental discipline, recreational pursuit, and a competitive sporting event even though its combative role has diminished since the invention of firearms. 


Wushu is not only a sport for exercise but also an artistic form. It has long been used in China as a means to cure illness and is a comprehensive way to cultivate the human body.


The style focused in our classes is Chang Quan or the Long Fist. Long fist is defined by very expansive and graceful movements in posture and agility.  Large circular motions, high kicking, low stances and flexibility are all practiced to perfection. Long fist boxers move fast, jump high and far, they combine hardness with softness, fast and slow moves, along with absolute stillness.


The classes are taught very methodically and scientifically to ensure the safety and well being of all students.  Our goal is to teach authentic, high quality wushu by building a solid foundation without cutting corners.


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